Welcome to the Orkneycommunities 2017 ONLINE AGM

Orkneycommunities.co.uk are once again holding an online AGM.

Agenda items were to be notified to peter.donald@vaorkney.org.uk by 7th August

No new agenda items have been notified for discussion.

The AGM will now commence and discussion will take place on notified agenda items until 21st August, during which time amendments can be notified.

Voting will then take place until 28th August 2017.

Please register your acceptance or otherwise of the agenda items present by placing a comment at the item, identifying yourself and your group.

Each Group which is a member of Orkneycommunities.co.uk (i.e. has an orkneycommunities.co.uk website) has one vote, and is strongly encouraged to use it!

Due to the nature of the online AGM there is no AOCB section, and therefore all items for discussion are listed as a separate agenda item.  Members are invited to forward any items they wish to appear on the Agenda prior to the start of the AGM. 

Members are also encouraged to become a member of the orkneycommunities.co.uk Management Committee.  All nominations to Committee were to be received by 7th August 2017, with all member organisations of orkneycommunities.co.uk eligible to nominate a representative to stand for the Management Committee.

[No new nominations for the committee have been made. However any member wishing to join the management committee is encouraged to get in touch,]

We hope that all members will be active in the online AGM and would encourage full user participation. Please read the important notice below, and then click Proceed to go to the AGM.

Important notice

To ensure the AGM is quorate we need to record who has attended. Once the AGM has concluded the discussion on 21st August and voting has commenced until 28th August 2017 we ask you to log your attendance by adding a comment to the first item on the Agenda, ("Welcome") containing your name and the group you represent.





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