Northern Community Justice Authority (NCJA)

Before the establishment of Community Justice Partnerships, Performance was reported by 8 regional Community Justice Authorities across Scotland, one of which was the Northern Community Justice Authority. An agreed Regional Performance Framework for the north of Scotland has been used for the last 10 years to report changes and developments of Community Justice work in Orkney. Some of the more recent reports can be viewed below:

NCJA Plan 2014-17

NCJA Annual Report 2012-13

NCJA Annual Report 2016-17

NCJA Annual Action Plan 2015-16

NCJA Annual Action Plan 2016-17

NCJA Performance 2014-15 Q1

NCJA Performance 2014-15 Q2

NCJA Performance 2014-15 Q3

NCJA Performance 2014-15 Q4

NCJA Performance 2015-16 Q1

NCJA Performance 2015-16 Q2

NCJA Performance 2015-16 Q3

NCJA Performance 2015-16 Q4

NCJA Performance 2016-17 Q2


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