Welcome to Orkney Creative Hub

Our Aims

Retail and Gallery Space

We will retain the current shop and gallery at For Arts Sake and in addition we will be able to offer an opportunity for artists and makers to come along and meet their public, demonstrating their skills and talents.


Workshop Space

We will have spaces for workshops of all shapes and sizes.

Very importantly we will have a large space where we can make a mess! And we will be putting together a weaving studio with looms of varying sizes.

We will be looking at using a range of tutors from within the Orkney creative community and from further afield.


Affordable Studio Space

We will have a variety of studio spaces and bench space for those artists and makers who have graduated from the kitchen table and want to develop their skills and talents.


Volunteer & Employment opportunities

You may well have met some of the new faces that we have been bringing into the team. There will be more opportunites as we grow into the new spaces and we will be able to offer supported volunteer posts for the first time.

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