12 February 2017


Our next visiting coach - the great David Gatherer - is here from 10th-12th March, and we invite you to book your lessons asap.  You all seemed to really enjoy his lessons last time, so please support our visiting coaches by coming along.  There will be flatwork and jumping for ALL levels, and David is really good at coming up with indoor xc style exercises.  


It's really helpful if you put on your booking form any times or days you can't ride, and as David starts teaching at 2pm on the Friday 10th, it would be grand if some of you could ride in the afternoon, although he will teach into Friday evening too, all day Saturday, and up till 3pm on Sunday.  


As you can see on the form, you get a good discount for booking 3 lessons - which is a real bargain given what other clubs are charging south (and without having to pay for an airfare!)  The discount only applies to bookings received by Tuesday the 7th though, so don't dilly dally.  

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