15 January 2018
Winter Dressage Competition


We will run a friendly, informal Dressage Competition on Saturday 27th January. 

So dust off the cobwebs and come along for an outing.   

An entry form is on the link above and the tests underneath, and you can do as many tests as you want.  

Make sure your entries are in by Wednesday 24th - if there are not enough entries by then we will cancel. 


Class 1 Test:  http://s3.spanglefish.com/s/34359/documents/dressage-tests/intro-a.pdf


Class 2 Test:  http://s3.spanglefish.com/s/34359/documents/dressage-tests/prelim-13.pdf


Class 3 Test:  http://s3.spanglefish.com/s/34359/documents/dressage-tests/novice-38.pdf


Click for Map