10 October 2018
Dressage League 2018



Our 6th and final League for 2018 is on Sunday 21st October and will finish with some Fun Dressage to Music.  Dressage newcomers are welcome to enter the League still, even though it's the last one, and it would be lovely to have some Music entries too.  Entry forms and guidelines are on the above links and make sure they're returned by Thursday 18th. 

Can last year's trophy winners listed below get them engraved and returned before the League date, you can hand into Helen's work (Radio Orkney) if that's easier.

RC Novice - Helen Martini & Kirrie

PC Novice - Ellen Forsyth & Steely Blue

RC Int - Catriona Murray & Bandit

RC Open - Andrew Cole & Cloudy

PC  Open - Rachel Evans & Pepper

Elementary - Vicki Cursiter & Daisy

Thorfinn of Tormore Trophy for M&M - Kirstin Hourie & Fred 

RC/PC classes will be combined unless entries are high enough to warrant a split. League points will be still awarded separately for RC & PC. You can enter more than one class and tests can be read out. You don’t have to ride at all the leagues to take part. Newcomers are very welcome.

Although we try to accommodate time requests, this is not always possible, and it’s easier to keep tests together in class order.

All registered pure-bred native ponies are invited to compete for the Thorfinn of Tormore Memorial Quaiche which will be presented to the pony with the highest average percentage at the end of the League.  If not done so previously, please supply the pony Society Registration Number and a copy of the Registration document - if you have sent this in previous years you don't need to do so again. 

The 2018 Dressage League Tests can be found on the links below:

Minimus - Intro B:  http://www.orkneycommunities.co.uk/RIDINGCLUB/documents/dressage-tests/intro-b.pdf

Novice - Prelim 12:  


Intermediate: Prelim 18:


Open: Novice 23: 


Elementary 45: 



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