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Willie Bews

1982 Willie Bews, Probably the best BT engineer ever,

11988 pictures | 22756 comments
Willie Bews
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I'm delving into pictures that have been bulk uploaded in the past, that I've held back to avoid swamping you with images that are similar all at once. They don't show up in the thumbnails below, whic...
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GEORGE REID 1755-1859Yesnaby CastleSouth Aisle, St Magnus CathedralSkara BraeThe Nave, St Magnus CathedralLinks House Birsay, 1930sKirkwall BasinMain Street, FinstownEarl's Palace and St Magnus Cathedral, colourisedCroft interiorIngle NookThe SS Borg ashore in Birsay BayBirsay Village, 1900sAncient fireplace in Orkney croftNorth Walls School?North Walls SchoolNorth Walls School day outHarvest Time, Orkney postcardQueen Street, StromnessKGS 1938KÄTHE NIEDERKIRCHNER, sunk at Muckle SkerryKÄTHE NIEDERKIRCHNER, sunk at Muckle SkerryBishop Graham's house, StromnessColourised portrait of Tom KentColourised photo of farmer from Papdale FarmHall of Clestrain open day 13 - last pictureHall of Clestrain open day 12Hall of Clestrain open day 11Hall of Clestrain open day 10Hall of Clestrain open day 9Hall of Clestrain open day 8Hall of Clestrain open day 7Hall of Clestrain open day 6Hall of Clestrain open day 5Hall of Clestrain open day 4Hall of Clestrain open day 3Hall of Clestrain open day 2Hall of Clestrain open day 1 Painting of George Thomas Mainland born 1811James Thomson, JoinerVisiting yachts from LossiemouthMystery gymnastics teamSammy and Hugh Johnston, BraesideJohnstons at Braeside, LonghopeFree pass to HoutonAerial view of KirkwallDoorway to The Gallery, Bridge StreetScaffolding on Cathedral west frontConstruction of new cathedral spireCathedral from ButtquoySt Magnus Cathedral pre restorationSt Magnus Cathedral pre restorationJohn JohnstonJohn JohnstonPaterson UF Church, KirkwallFree Kirk, King Street, KirkwallInside St Olaf's church after addition of towerSt Olaf's after addition of towerSt Olaf's before towerDamaged wall, 50 Albert StreetDamaged wall, 50 Albert StreetDedication of War MemorialGarsons in Stavanger 1964
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Yes I knew that man very well and I think the boa...My 18 yr old father Rainer Schmollinger and his Mo...Could I point out that there were two William Brou...James Annal is my great grandad. Lovely photo! My late father arrived in Halifax from Germany on ...Hello I'm trying to find information on a Robert J...My grandfather, Czeslaw Rowinski, and grandmother,...Nick G Carter check picture #28207Nick C Carter are you still looking for a copy of ...This is my family's house, Greenvale. So pretty!I puzzled over this when it was first posted nine ...Brian - is your book about Hugh Yorston published?...Names are: Back row- J.Harvey, J.Greig, W.Leslie,... The Volant was built for my great grandfather, Ca...Perkins P3 engine I thinkI posted the original photograph in Jan 2008. Neve...My mother Emma Laird never missed the club, she l...It was rumoured she was carrying nuclear material ...No sign of Evie.Sank in the River Fal years ago.I confirm the details in my earlier message, and h...Dear Jack, We are interested in potentially us...I love this photo!Yes, thanks, we know Ron and his family. Ron, hope...Is there a list of Trades cup winners anywhere ?Robin Ross, my uncle, was indeed a Customs and Exc...Hi, long shot here but my friend in Stirling has s...I've had one or two enquiries - not very serious I...Does anyone know if M/S Busant is still afloat?It happened the day before I was born.Dad always used to speak about getting a bike agai...I HAVE TWO RECORD SLEEVES OF WM. BROUGH. HE IS DES...Got it wrong! It says 1915 on the house.Think it must be after 1917. The second house from...I was fascinated too, the machinery and the noise....I think it is me, (Bob Grant), rather than David E...I've done some more research and discovered two mo...Hi I would really like to get in touch with Audrey...Take a look at wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Archer_(D78)...Burness farmhouse Finstown
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Mystery person and contributorUnidentified House & PeopleHMS Vanguard memorial LynessFlood in Albert Street, Kirkwall.The old Legion club 'colour'SwansHeddle family, Horraldshay, Firth c. 1911FinstownHarray School picnicDeerness Primary SchoolBuilding work at SMHKirkwall from the air 2