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Egilsay (population 16), along with Rousay and Wyre, forms a cluster of islands known as The Inner North Isles. All three islands are serviced by the Eynhallow (reverse on) ferry. Egilsay's highest point just over 35m above sea level.  There are great views of other islands of Orkney, Westray to the North, Eday, the green holms and Stronsay to the East, and Wyre, Shapinsay and Kirkwall to the South, and Rousay to the West.

The community Association currently use the Community Hall and old classroom (the only public building apart from the waiting room at the pier) for community activities.

Our constitution mission statement:

"To promote the well-being of the community and the inhabitants of the island of Egilsay and its environs by the provision of recreational facilities to allow the organisation to assist in or to establish, maintain, manage and develop a community centre and associated facilities for activities promoted by the Association to further the health and wellbeing of the whole community, from children to the elderly including disabled and people suffering from mental health issues through the provision of sports, music, drama and any other recreational activity to further advance community wellbeing.

Our mission is to enhance the well-being of the Egilsay community and its surroundings by providing recreational facilities. Our organization aims to establish, maintain, manage, and develop a community center and associated facilities that promote activities benefiting the overall health and well-being of the community. Our focus ranges from children to the elderly, including disabled individuals and those suffering from mental health issues. We strive to offer a diverse range of activities, such as sports, music, drama, and other recreational pursuits, with the goal of advancing community well-being."

Since our new committee assumed responsibility, we have been dedicated to revitalizing the sense of community on Egilsay by renovating and repurposing the community center to better serve the needs of residents. As part of this effort, we are reintroducing table tennis and pool tables to provide recreational options for community members. Additionally, we are in the process of ensuring the safety of the fitness equipment, some of which will be relocated from the shed in the backyard to the main hall for convenient use. We are also actively working towards organizing social gatherings and activities, potentially on a weekly basis. While we have encountered bureaucratic challenges that have slowed our progress, we are optimistic that time and external assistance will help us overcome these obstacles in the near future.

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