Welcome to Orkneycommunities Plus

If you imagine Orkneycommunities.co.uk as a fine robust house, beautifully maintained and with many original features, then Orkneycommunities Plus is not so much a Grannies End as a fine range of outbuildings.

Showcase or shambles?

bluebells Here you can find the works in progress, things that we'd like to bring to your attention, and general eerie-orums. Also, this could become a canvas for creative people to do creative things, so don't be afraid to contact us.



Sales pitch

Note also that Orkneycommunities Plus is simply another Orkneycommunities.co.uk member site- when we looked for a platform to do this we could find no finer one than our own, and your community group could also benefit from one of these low-cost easy-to manage sites... contact us.

Monthly pictures feature has new home

The monthly pictures feature has come in from the cold of the old Orkneycommunities demo site, and has a new home in Orkneycommunities PLUS. 

Image resizing tutorial

A tutorial on image resizing has been added here ... but is purely of historic interest as the new style sites DO IT ALL FOR YOU!

Orkneycommunities is a fully constituted group

Orkneycommunities.co.uk is itself a constituted group, run by and for its members, the groups who have Orkneycommunities websites.

An AGM takes place every June, and is run online over a number of weeks to encourage participation, and ensure equality of representation. 

A management committee has been elected, and currently is:

Francesca Couperwhite (co-chair)

Dennis Bichan (co-chair)

Anne Stacey (treasurer)

Steven Heddle (webmaster)

Walter Gorman

Jan Judge


More committee members would be great- if you are interested please get in touch. The committee meets about 5 times per year, with meetings usually lasting an hour.




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