Substance Misuse

What is the substance misuse service?
The role of the substance misuse service has developed from the need to improve support for children and families affected by alcohol and drugs. Assessment, support and therapy is available to explore the impact of substance misuse on the family, identify strengths and enable positive steps to improve the health and wellbeing of parents, children, young people and the family. 

Who is it for?
The service is for anyone affected by alcohol or drug misuse. The service is for both the substance user and for family members.

How does it work?
You can self-refer or you can be referred to us, with your permission, by someone else, for example a family member or another professional.

You will be offered an initial assessment appointment which will last about an hour. The substance misuse worker will discuss areas such as your relationships, family issues, alcohol and drug use and plan the best way forward with you.

We can offer tailored support for you on your own, for your whole family or we can signpost you on to other services we offer here at Relationships Scotland Orkney or our partner agencies.

Different therapies are available to help you or the people in your family address any emotional, behavioural or psychological difficulties that might be contributing to alcohol and drug use or their impact on your family relationships.

You may consider:
Play Therapy: offers children the opportunity to play out their feelings with a therapeutic objective, alongside a professional trained in Play Therapy.
Youth Counselling: provides young people with the opportunity to explore the impact of substance use on them and their families with a qualified and experienced youth counsellor.
Individual and/or Relationship Counselling: provides a safe space for couples or individuals to explore difficulties in relationships and to find a way forward.
Family Mediation: Helps to reduce conflict between separated parents to enable them to work together in the best interests of the children.

Is it confidential?
Yes, our counsellors are bound by a duty of confidentiality, unless circumstances suggest that the issues being discussed may pose a risk to clients or the wider community. Such issues include domestic abuse, child protection, money laundering and terrorism. In all circumstances, care is taken to protect confidentiality and no disclosure will be made without discussing the issues first, unless there is an urgent risk of harm. All our counsellors and therapists work to the ethical standards of the national professional bodies.

Is there a waiting list?
Waiting times vary. Please contact us for information on current waiting times.

How much will it cost?
The service is free, although individual donations are welcomed.

Further information
Please click here to download our leaflet on the Substance Misuse Service.
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