1979 revisited - Devolution is Dangerous!

by Unknown - 20:43 on 08 September 2014

This is what the no campaign looked like before the 1979 referendum. As you can see it hasn't changed much!

Devolution is dangerous


The scare stories were repeated in 1997...

Think twice

Think twice 2


And again in 2014...

Comment from James Rousay at 17:21 on 11 September 2014.
Prior to the Referendum of 1979, a Labour MP, George Cunningham, tabled an amendment to the Parliamentary Bill, one which stipulated that at least 40% of the REGISTERED ELECTORATE vote "yes". This would have required an election turn-out hitherto unheard of. As things turned out, and in spite of this piece of blatant chicanery, there was a majority voting for some variety of self-rule, invalid due the bar being set so high by Westminster.
Prior to this unfortunate event, we had a Labour government suppressing the McCrone Report on the true extent of our oil resources, and when the Poll Tax was imposed on Scotland before England, a Labour Opposition and their Union pay-masters did nothing to stop it, in spite of having Union members in every city and regional authority in Scotland. Finally, the sea boundary of Scotland was changed to favour England, by the Blair government.
That's right, you can TRUST the "No" campaign - it's got Labour in it...

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