Signs and portents

by Unknown - 00:06 on 15 September 2014

The world is watching

It has been brought to Yes Orkney's attention that a sign erected locally by Better Together Orkney has been vandalised. This is unfortunate, and having had damage caused to a number of Yes Orkney's signs - which have been handmade in Orkney by two volunteers using their own materials - we can only sympathise.

We decided not to make an issue of these incidents at the time, but for the sake of balance here is a before and after of the Yes sign in Orphir. We have also had to repaint the Yes sign opposite Kirkwall Airport more than once.

Yes Orphir

No Thanks

Update: as of 16th September this sign appears to have been stolen.

Here too are some photos of the lovely Yes banners crocheted by Rosemary Dempster on Sanday, which she had to redo following their destruction.

Croched Yes

Croched Yes 2

Yes Orkney does not condone any of this kind of behaviour and we are sure that Liam McArthur and Cameron Stout from Better Together Orkney would only agree.

As we said in The Orcadian this week - 'Keep Calm and Haad Gaan'.


Yes and No

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