Orkneycommunities.co.uk is a well established community project that aims to encourage and enable community groups in Orkney to use the internet to share information, attract and inform members and organise and publicise events in a straightforward, useful and attractive manner.

orkneycommunities.co.uk provides an interesting and up to date source of community news and events. A wealth of information is held in the online community directory and picture gallery. Submitted articles, pictures and comments contributes to a vibrant community website for Orkney with additional information on local news and events provided by relevant feeds from other sites.

orkneycommunities.co.uk can provide a new website for your group or a link to your existing website. An orkneycommunities.co.uk website has lots of features, including an events calendar that automatically links to the main calendar of events on orkneycommunities.co.uk. Your website will cost you just 45 pounds per year. It will be set up for you and training will be provided to enable you to update the site with minimum effort, even if you have no previous experience.

Your orkneycommunities.co.uk website gives you:

your own events calendar
a contacts page
document library
seven other pages where YOU decide the content
an alternative text version of your site for readability

Your orkneycommunities.co.uk website lets you:

create and update your site in minutes
add text, pictures, files or events
customise page appearance, background, logos, text colour............
create or delete pages
share site management
use any internet connected computer

No addional software is required and it couldn't be simpler or quicker to learn!! Contact us to get more information.