11 April 2018Lieutenant Frederick Neal Robertson

Today is the centenary of the death in France of Lieutenant Frederick Neal Robertson of Walls.  Frederick was one of the three Orcadians killed on the third day of the German Lys Offensive in April 1918.  The situation for the British Expeditionary Force was so desperate that its commander, Field-Marshall Douglas Haig, issued on the 11th his famous "Backs to the Wall" Order of the Day.  A new biography of Frederick, drawing on information in his WO 374 Officers' Letters file and the War Diary of his unit, 1/4th Gordon Highlanders, has been added as a pdf to the Walls section of the website.  It can be downloaded direct using the link below.

09 April 2018S/10944 Private Peter Allan of Burray

Today is the centenary of the start of the second German 1918 Spring Offensive, intended to defeat the British Expeditionary Force before significant American troops arrived in Europe.  The BEF had to fight desperately to hold the German advance along the line of the River Lys, which lies on either side of the French-Belgian border near Ypres.  Three Orcadian soldiers died in the first day of fighting.  The biography of one of them, Peter Allan of Burray, has been updated.  It can be downloaded as a pdf from the Burray section of the website, or directly using the link below.

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