26 November 2018Plastic Recycling Skip Arrival

The Waste Team at the Stronsay Recycling Centre have been working with OIC and Stronsay Community Council and are excited to announce that Stronsay will soon have a Plastic Recycling Skip as part of a 12- month Trial which, with community support could become permanent.

To make this trial a success we need your help in following some clear instructions when using the skip.

1. Please make sure your bottles are empty – No liquids

2. Please make sure your bottles are rinsed

3. Please remove their tops and put those in the normal rubbish

4. There must be a number 1 or 2 on the bottom (HDPE or PET can be recycled)

The Skip will be located behind the current glass, metal, paper skip next to Ebenezer Stores.

The Waste team located at the Recycling Centre at Woods yard will be available for any questions or to offer any assistance from the 1st December Monday-Friday 9am- 12pm

26 November 2018Stronsay Recycling Centre

Opening Hours from 1st December 2018
Monday to Friday 9am-12pm

(The Centre will be closed For the Christmas/New year break from 22nd Dec to 7th January 2019)

We are now accepting your Cardboard & Glass during opening hours!!
Out of hour drop off available soon.


  • The Waste Team need your help by flat packing your boxes
  • Removing as much of the tape as possible.

Cardboard Briquettes are now available from the Recycling Centre please ask staff for details.

Further information will be available from the waste team at the recycling centre during opening times, on the Facebook page and promotional material available soon.
The Grand Opening will take place in January 2019 with details to follow.

24 September 2018Fuel Poverty Grant 2018

Applications are invited for the Fuel Poverty Grant 2018

The Stronsay Development Trust wishes to help relieve poverty by providing financial assistance towards home energy costs with a grant of £100 Paid directly to the domestic energy provider via the provided account information or to the post office for pre-paid key cards.

Under the restrictions placed on the trust by charity laws, grants will not be available for businesses, second homes or holiday lets.

Applicants must be the bill payer and a full-time resident of Stronsay and there can only be one application per household.

You will not be asked for any personal financial details other than the name of your domestic energy supplier, together with your ref/account number, however where possible we ask that a recent energy bill or statement be included with the application form to enable us to process the payment as efficiently as possible.

You will also need to sign the declaration confirming that you are in fuel poverty.

Application Forms will be available in hard copy via woods yard or the post office, alternativley you canprint one via the following link. 

documents/application forms/fuel-poverty-application-2018.pdf

All applications should be returned to Woods Yard

By 5pm on Friday 12th October 2018

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