25 November 2019Smut's Saga Character - Smut the Smug

Smut's Saga - Character Introduction 2


Likes: Ravishing, pillaging and looting; generally terrorising communities
Dislikes: People who disagree with him 👿
Defining features: a figure who strikes fear into those who come into contact with him 😱
Relationship Status: Full of self-belief about his own attractiveness, but only Helga seems to have eyes for Smut, much to his dismay. 😘🧙‍♀️
Family/Friends: Who would put up with such a man?! Keeps tight control over his horde of Viking underlings, assisted by his right-hand man, Rollo. ⚔️

25 November 2019Smut's Saga Character - Dame Dustpan

Smut's Saga - Character Introduction 1


Likes: the sound of her own voice 📢
Dislikes: radishes (they give her terrible wind) 💨
Defining features: where do we begin? She has a style all her own…😆
Relationship Status: Single, but on the hunt for husband material 😉👀🤭
Family: Tum, Dickon, Harald are the adopted children of the long-suffering Dame, and the naughty trio run circles round her 🤦‍♀️

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