19 March 2020From U3A Scotland

In compliance with Government guidelines and those from Third Age Trust and OSCR, the Committee of U3A in Scotland have cancelled all planned Committee Meetings and events.
 As you know, the Assembly in Peebles has already been cancelled and to that we have now added the planned AGM in Edinburgh on 18th June. The Committee will continue to function via e mail, web site and telephone and so will be available for advice should you need it.  We are all aware of the problems that closure of local U3As may cause, especially for the lonely and isolated. Please try to have plans in place which allow you to have some contact with members who may be at risk. Even a short telephone call can brighten someone's day.  For those of your members who are having 'U3A withdrawal symptoms', you may want to direct them to the Virtual U3A. This can be accessed via the "u3a site builder website"(Thanks to some of our members who have researched that for me!)   It may also be necessary to cancel Summer School planned for August. We are in constant contact with the venue and will initially keep you updated via our website.  Many of you will have your AGM planned for the next few months. For those of you who are Charities, you will have received information from OSCR as to how this is to be handled. None charities could possibly get the information from the website; if not then please contact me and I will send you the relevant information.  In the meanwhile - keep safe; follow the guidelines and keep smiling! - whilst washing your hands and singing Happy Birthday!
Kath Payne. Chair U3A in Scotland. u3ascotlandchair@gmail.com 01890781517
18th March 2020

16 March 2020U3A Scrabble Group

´╗┐As you probably know the U3A meetings have been postponed.In view of this, I feel that we should also postpone the scrabble until further notice.

We are a vulnerable group and I would not like anything to happen to anyone.
But keep practicing at home and let’s hope we can meet again soon.

16 March 2020U3A AGM Changes

The committee has been discussing what we should do about the Orkney U3A AGM, scheduled to take place this coming Thursday. In line with various other organisations in Orkney we have decided to err on the side of caution and cancel the meeting. Postponing until a later date might be an option, but this would be for an indefinite, and probably rather long, period. So, despite the problems of doing things virtually, I think we should try and carry out the main AGM business through our website and by mail or e-mail with time put aside for any other issues to be raised next time we do meet. Given our age range, ours is a particularly vulnerable group compared with others that are cancelling meetings, so I would rather be overcautious than live to regret it.

I hope to be in touch soon with alternative arrangements for dealing with the business that was scheduled for the AGM.

Meanwhile, please keep fit – and cheerful.

All the best,


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