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Our training section offers a range of courses to help improve the standards of minibus driving and passenger safety and comfort in Orkney. We also provide disability awareness training as part of our courses.

Our trainer Billy is able to identify real life examples for all the scenarios covered in the text, and will deliver the courses in a helpful and inclusive manner.

The backbone of our training for many years has been for minibus drivers - training them up to MiDAS standard (a national standard promoted by the Community Transport Association). This continues to be a popular course because most operators of minibuses require their drivers to hold a MiDAS certificate (for example the OIC require all their minibus drivers to hold MiDAS certificates).

Drivers go through a driving and a practical assessment and receive a MiDAS certificate on passing. The course has special sections for drivers working with people with disabilities. Our courses are usually delivered in Kirkwall but our trainer is happy to travel to other areas if numbers of students are sufficient (minimum 5 students).

There is also a practical, driving element to the course which is arranged at a time to suit you following the classroom session. Please call Lorraine on 870340 or email us (see contacts page) to book a place.




We also run Evacuation awareness courses. It gives an invaluable insight into what might happen if a vehicle goes on fire and you need to evacuate passengers. The practical element invloves evacuating passengers from a smoke filled vehicle (it is actually a "smoke machine" creating a harmless fine mist in the vehicle).

It would be considered good practise to ensure that all minibus drivers and escorts should be trained in this area. Please call on 870340 or email us (see the contacts page) to register an interest.



MiDAS Training
MiDAS Training
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