31 March 2014
OYDG welcome Whitedale

This Saturday 5th April OYDG welcome Whitedale down from Shetland for the annual Under 12 club competition which will be played on the KGS All Weather Pitch with an 11 am kick off. A fun competition with the Whitedale team will also take place at the Stromness AWP on Sunday 6th April with a 12 noon start. Saturday’s fixtures with the teams split into an A and B League are as follows:-

A League

11.00  Dounby A v East United A;  11.20 Stromness v Thorfinn A; 11.40 Whitedale A v Dounby A;  12.00 East United A v Stromness;  12.20 Thorfinn A v Whitedale A;  12.40 Dounby A v Stromness;  13.00  East United A v Whitedale A;  13.20 Thorfinn A v Dounby A;  13.40 Stromness v Whitedale A;  14.00 East United A v Thorfinn A

B League

11.00 East United B v Dounby B; 11.20 Thorfinn B v Whitedale B; 11.40 Thorfinn C v East United B; 12.00 Dounby B v Thorfinn B; 12.20 Whitedale B v Thorfinn C; 12.40 East United B v Thorfinn B;  13.00 Dounby B v Thorfinn C;  13.20 Whitedale B v East United B; 13.40 Thorfinn B v Thorfinn C; 14.00 Dounby B v Whitedale B.

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