02 December 2014
Primary fixture changes this Saturday

The primary indoor league fixtures for this coming weekend have been revised to avoid conflict with school commitments to other events also taking place on Saturday.  This will allow players to attend school events and play their league fixtures.  The same set of fixtures as originally planned is still being played, but the times of matches have been changed.

The full revised fixture list is:-

4.00 Stenness/Orphir v United; 4.08 Cyclones v Inter; 4.15 Stenness/Orphir v Dynamos; 4.23 Cyclones v Scorpions; 4.30 Stenness/Orphir v Inter; 4.38 Cyclones v Twisters; 4.45 United v Kings; 4.53 Dynamos v Scorpions; 5.00 Hotspurs v United; 5.08 Flyers v Twisters; 5.15 Dynamos v Spiders; 5.23 Inter v Flyers; 5.30 Dynamos v Athletico; 5.38 Hotspurs v Evie; 5.45 Kings v Athletico; 5.53 Hurricanes v Spiders; 6.00 Dales v Scorpions; 6.08 Twisters v Real; 6.15 Torpedos v Evie; 6.23 Kings v Predators; 6.30 Hurricanes v Hotspurs; 6.38 Dales v Devils; 6.45 Real v Flyers; 6.53 Torpedos v Spiders; 7.00 Devils v Evie; 7.08 Predators v Athletico; 7.15 Spurs v Hurricanes; 7.23 Rovers v Dales; 7.30 Real v Spurs; 7.38 Rovers v Torpedos; 7.45 Devils v Spurs; 7.53 Predators v Rovers.

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