13 January 2015
Primary fixture changes this Saturday

There is a slight change to this week’s Primary Indoor Football fixtures with two of Hope/Burray’s postponed games from last weekend being slotted into the schedule. Hotspurs additional fixtures are against Mighty Marvels at 5.08pm and St Andrews Hurricanes at 6.08pm. This has a knock on effect on the timings of the later matches. The full fixture list for Saturday is now as follows:-

4.00 Flyers v Spurs; 4.08 United v Athletico; 4.15 Rovers v Evie; 4.23 Flyers v Hotspurs; 4.30 Spurs v United; 4.38 Dales v Kings; 4.45 Rovers v Hotspurs; 4.53 Spurs v Devils; 5.00 United v Flyers; 5.08 M. Marvels v Hotspurs; 5.15 Athletico v Real; 5.23 Evie v Inter; 5.30 Dales v M. Marvels; 5.38 Kings v Hotspurs; 5.45 Athletico v Hurricanes; 5.53 Rovers v Vikings; 6.00 M. Marvels v Devils; 6.08 Hotspurs v Hurricanes; 6.15 Inter v Spiders; 6.23 Evie v Twisters; 6.30 Real v Kings; 6.38 Inter v Dales; 6.45 Hurricanes v Devils; 6.53 Scorpions v Vikings; 7.00 Predators v Dynamos; 7.08 Cyclones v Hurricanes; 7.15 Spiders v M. Marvels; 7.23 Dynamos v Twisters; 7.30 Predators v Cyclones; 7.38 Real v Scorpions; 7.45 Devils v Twisters; 7.53 Vikings v Predators; 8.00 Spiders v Dynamos; 8.08 Scorpions v Cyclones.

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