31 May 2016
Gilmour Shield this Saturday

The 2016 Gilmour Shield, the outdoor 7-a-side competition for primary schools will be played at the KGS this Saturday between 10.30am and 3.30pm. This year 19 teams including a team from Westray will compete in four groups with the top two teams in each group progressing to the quarter finals. Fixtures are as follows:

Group 1

10.30 Papdale C v St Andrew Twisters; 10.50 Evie v Glaitness B; 11.10 Orphir v Papdale C; 11.30 St Andrew Twisters v Evie; 11.50 Glaitness B v Orphir; 12.10 Papdale C v Evie; 12.30 St And Twisters v Glaitness B; 12.50 Orphir v Evie; 13.10 Papdale C v Glaitness B; 13.30 St Andrew Twisters v Orphir.

Group 2

10.30 St Andrew Dynamos v Stromness; 10.50 Dounby A v Hotspurs; 11.10 Stenness v St Andrew Dynamos; 11.30 Stromness v Dounby A; 11.50 Hotspurs v Stenness; 12.10 St Andrew Dynamos v Dounby A; 12.30 Stromness v Hotspurs; 12.50 Stenness v Dounby A; 13.10 St Andrew Dynamos v Hotspurs; 13.30 Stromness v Stenness

Group 3

10.30 Papdale B v Terriers; 10.50 Dounby B v Papdale D; 11.10 Westray v Papdale B; 11.30 Terriers v Dounby B; 11.50 Papdale D v Westray; 12.10 Papdale B v Dounby B; 12.30 Terriers v Papdale D; 12.50 Westray v Dounby B; 13.10 Papdale B v Papdale D; 13.30 Westray v Terriers

Group 4

10.30 Papdale A v St Andrews Hurricanes; 10.50 Firth v Glaitness A; 11.30 Glaitness A v Papdale A; 11.50 St Andrew Hurricanes v Firth; 12.30 Firth v Papdale A; 12.50 Glaitness A v St Andrew Hurricanes

2.00 Quarter Finals; 2.30 Semi Finals; 3.00 Final

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