02 June 2016
Final week of S1 & Under League

The final week of the S1 & Under Leagues will be played this Sunday at the Picky Outfield with a 10.30am kick off. The fixtures for the day are as follows:-

10:30 Hotspurs A v Stromness C; Thorfinn A v Stromness A; 10:50 East United C v East United D; Hotspurs B v Dounby C; 11:10 Stromness B v Dounby B; Stromness A v East United A; 11:30 East United D v Dounby C; Hotspurs A v Hotspurs B; 11.50 Thorfinn C v Thorfinn D; Thorfinn A v East United A; 12:10 Hotspurs B v East United C; Dounby C v Stromness C; 12.30 Wanderers v Dounby B; East United B v Thorfinn B; 12.50 East United A v Stromness A; Hotspurs A v East United C; 13:10 Stromness B v Thorfinn D; Dounby A v East United B; 13:30 East United A v Thorfinn A; East United D v Stromness C; 13:50 Wanderers v Thorfinn C; Thorfinn B v Dounby A; 14:10 Stromness A v Thorfinn A.

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