27 October 2016
Restructured Primary League Kicks Off this Saturday

The restructured Primary Indoor Football League kicks off this Saturday at Picky. The new format sees the 22 teams split into three leagues as follows:


Stromness Predators
Real Dounby
Glaitness United
St Andrews Hurricanes
St Andrews Dynamos
Papdale Kings
Papdale Flyers


Hope Hotspurs
Inter Dounby
Glaitness Rovers
Papdale Dales
St Andrews Cyclones
St Andrews Twisters
Glaitness Spurs
Orphir Torpedos


Papdale Vikings
Glaitness Swans
Stromness Devils
Hope Terriers
Stenness Falcons
Papdale Mighty Marvels

The Greenvoe (A league) matches at 4pm. Storm (B league) matches will then start at 5.10pm and Vinland (C league) at 6.40pm. Please click HERE for a full list of the fixtures for the first 3 weeks. 

Games will be of 9mins duration.

After every three weeks the two teams with the fewest points in the Greenvoe league (A league) will drop down to the Storm league (B league).

The two teams with the most points in the Storm league will move up to the Greenvoe league.

The two teams with the fewest points in the Storm league will drop down to the Vinland league (C league)

The two teams with the most points in the Vinland league will move up to the Storm league.

A player MAY score from within his/her own half.

Goalkeepers may receive a passback from a member of his/her team but may not pick it up. (Refs will probably be lenient on this for the first week or so......)

Finally, while we would expect most of our spectators to be up in the balcony, we have no objections whatsoever to coaches, subs plus any keen parents/grandparents/etc to observe games from the sidelines next to the pitches so long as it is during a match being played by their team. We would then advise that they then make their way out of the Arena as soon as their game has finished.

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