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17 March 2024Graham Campbellā€™s Orkney and Shetland Calendar

Annual Masterpiece 2024

Graham Campbell’s Orkney and Shetland Calendar  

Raises an incredible £1,000 and helped The Peedie Retreat reach the phenomenal build total of £152,000.   

The Peedie Retreat so appreciates Graham’s time, patience, and talent in capturing the stunning natural landscapes of Orkney and Shetland for his annual masterpiece.  Acknowledging Graham personally as this does not happen by magic and many an early start and cold stand in often bitter conditions is what it takes, plus a heavy dose of God Gifted Talent.   All of which Graham has given so willingly with 100% of Kindness,

Helping to bring Orkney's Peedie Haven even closer  

Thank You so Much Graham

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