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We seek your views as to how we can best meet the needs of our community and promote Christian Fellowship within our Church and to the wider world.

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What should we expect of our new minister?
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Our Minister :-

We hope that our new minister will be someone who provides strong leadership, someone who will listen to all in the congregation regardless of age, status or belief, someone who is approachable, someone who is willing to be a friend as well as a pastor, someone who will provide a visible presence of the church in the community and someone who will seek to discern and use the gifts of the congregation and will encourage them to be used.

Do you agree?

We would very much like our new minister to:-

• direct the hearts and minds of people to God
• encourage the wealth of talent in shaping the work of the church
• integrate with the wider community, e.g. Schools, clubs, etc
• engage with all ages of the local community
• provide pastoral care
• provide stimulus to attract young families into the congregation.

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