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We hope that you will use our guestbook to feed back anything that would be relevant to community planning.

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Use the guestbook to stimulate debate and ask questions.

Or use it to address questions privately to the website administrator, using the 'Click here to make it private' option which will appear after you click 'Sign the guestbook'.

All fields but 'Name' are optional, but it would be helpful if you could fill the remainder in, so that we can get back to you, and also know what area of Orkney you are from.

Usage policy

This guestbook is provided by the Orkney Community Planning Partnership (OCPP) to enable participation in the community planning process. Views posted here are publicly available for further debate and are noted by the OCPP.

Messages are currently moderated.

This means that prior to a message being made publicly available on the guestbook it is read to check that it is suitable, i.e. that its contents are relevant and are not offensive.

A relevant message will generally address issues which affect community survival, sustainability or social inclusion in Orkney in a constructive way.

An offensive message is one which is vulgar, abusive, hateful, threatening, alarming, invasive of other's privacy or which violates any applicable laws. A message which is not offensive need not be blandly inoffensive- a wide spectrum of views can be expressed, either as new topics or in response to existing topics.

Views expressed on the guestbook are those of individuals, and should not be taken to represent those of the OCPP, which reserves the right to edit or delete posts, and to amend this policy.


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