Vibrant Economy

We have tasked our three Delivery Groups with delivering our three strategic priorities for the people of Orkney. This page contains details for our strategic priority of a Vibrant Economy.

Long term vision: Orkney has a vibrant economic environment.

Medium term outcomes:

A. Orkney is a location of choice for people to live, work, learn, visit and invest.

B. Orkney is widely recognised as a location for innovation and the application of experimental thinking in an island context.

C. Orkney's economy offers a broad range of employment opportunities in all localities.

Delivery Group Chair: Graeme Harrison, Area Manager, HIE.

Delivery Group Vice Chair: Stuart Allison, Economic Development Manager, OIC.

The Vibrant Economy Delivery Group's logic model will be available here shortly, it is currently being reviewed. A logic model is a graphic that tells the story of how we will deliver the outcomes by displaying the connections between the needs that have been identified, what we do and how this makes a difference for individuals and communities.

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