2022 bands



Formed in 2018, four-piece stoner rock band Angersay consists of Damien Barnett on vocals, Raymond Smith on guitar, Nathan Ridgeway on bass, and Mark Waters on drums. Since their debut at the 2018 rock festival, the band have since attended the festival every year up until 2022.


Bryttania celebrates its fifth bandiversary this year, with founding members Ewan Howe and Tom Kennaugh having formed the band at age 13 back in 2017. The band demonstrates a unique sound that ranges from thrash metal to hard rock. Bryttania made an appearance at the last rock festival in 2019, and are eager to get back on the stage this September. The lineup this festival will consist of Conal Caithness on vocals, Tom Kennaugh on lead guitar, Charlie Kennaugh on rhythm guitar, Keaghan Barnett on bass, and Ewan Howe on drums and backing vocals.

Dirty Rotters

The Dirty Rotters first appeared at the Orkney Rock Festival in 2015. They are a bunch of 50-something year old geezers who really should know a lot better than to continue trying to emulate their childhood punk heroes. Despite repeated warnings and professional interventions, they insist on playing very loudly and sticking two fingers up to the 'man'. Veterans of the local rock scene in more ways than one, the Dirty Rotters play an energetic mix of 'old-school' punk classics, from the likes of the Buzzcocks, the Undertones, Sex Pistols, and the Ramones. Dig it!


Dogspawn is a three-piece band who were formed merely weeks before the Orkney Rock Festival. The band consists of Bryttania's Ewan Howe and Keaghan Barnett, and Remover's Lee Taylor. Dogspawn play a mix of psychedelic rock covers, as well as some originals.

The Drones

The Drones describe themselves as a two-piece moody rock band. They made their rock festival debut back in 2018, with 20 year old Edie Wootton on guitar and vocals, and 18 year old Joe Cole on drums.

Electric Mother

A very well-known groove metal band across Orkney, Electric Mother were formed in 2014, and made their Orkney Rock Festival debut that same year. Two albums down the line, Electric Mother continue to make their anticipated appearance at each year's Orkney Rock Festival. The band consists of Calum Elder on vocals, Andy Taylor on guitar, Robert MacGregor on guitar, Eoin Thomson on bass, and John Brown on drums. Eoin is quoted as "the best bassist ever" by his nephew Alex.

Ray O'Neill

Although he is perhaps best known for directing the Flotta Promotional Video in 2007, Ray O'Neill is regarded as a well-established musician and a well-known face in Orkney. Ray has since performed at every Orkney Rock Festival since 2016.


Formed in early 2018, Razormouth is a popular Orkney band. The band describe themselves as rock/grunge/metal. Their first EP appropriately named 'Cutting Teeth' was launched in 2019, and now the band are at the final stages of releasing their first album. The band consists of Ryan Silver on vocals and bass, Jarvis Walls on lead guitar, Nicky Booth on rhythm guitar, and Ryan Taylor on drums.


AC/DC tribute band Rocker have performed at every Orkney Rock Festival since the first fest in 2014, and are always a crowd pleaser enjoyed by many an AC/DC fan (if you prefer the Bon Scott era that is!)

Siamese Cat Twin

A band that admittedly would've been cooler if it was still 2003, Siamese Cat Twin is an alternative/nu metal act from Orkney, fronted by Kevin Johnston (Marty Nooseneck), Erik Bews, and Edie Wootton, with special guest Rory The Tiger. Think Korn, System Of A Down, Slipknot, Coal Chamber - that kind of thing - in the words of Kevin Johnston himself "lots of screaming and guitars tuned down to H." Siamese Cat Twin play mostly original songs from their 2019 mini-album 'Extended Cuts' and the upcoming full-length album 'Back On My Bullshit'.


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