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If you happen to be a fan of AC/DC, Rocker will do for you. The band play a mix of covers, largely from the band's Bon Scott era. Rocker features a few well-known musicians from Orkney, such as Douglas Montgomery on fiddle, Andrew Taylor on guitar, Laura Montgomery and latterly Ross Stevenson on vocals, Colin Drever on bass and Will Scott on drums. Rocker are due to take the stage at the Auld Motorhoose on Sunday 3 September so get along down there to sing along to some of AC/DC's greatest hits. 

Bad Apple will be taking their place at this year's Orkney Rock Festival at the Ola on Friday 1 September. The band's lineup includes some familiar faces, recognisable from other bands on the island. On vocals is Leah Seator, Colin Drever on guitar, Wayne Drever on guitar, Will Scott on bass and Malcolm Dowell on drums. Bluesy, soulful, and with superb covers of Uptown Funk and The Chain in their repertoire, they'll be making new fans this festival as well as pleasing the old ones.


The rockfest regulars we like to call the Bigsy Whalps will be returning to the stage this year, this time at the Ola on Saturday 2 September. The Whalps have their own great material, but are also happy to play a variety of crowd pleasers to suit the needs of any event. They are sure to keep a pub crowd entertained, so run down the Ola, grab your pint, and enjoy the show!


CRST- Prepare for a seismic collision of musical prowess as the virtuosic talents of Marcus Cordock, Fraser Retson, Will Scott, and Andrew Taylor coalesce into the supernova phenomenon known as CRST. With the intensity of a lightning strike and the finesse of a master craftsman, this powerhouse covers band is set to detonate at the Ola on Sunday, the 3rd.

Six-piece heavy metal ensemble Bryttania are a well-renowned name across the Orkney Islands. The band's teenage lineup consists of Conal Caithness on lead vocals, Tom Kennaugh on lead guitar, Charlie Kennaugh on rhythm guitar, Julian Beale on keyboard and guitar, Keaghan Barnett on bass, and Ewan Howe on drums and backing vocals. Beginning their musical journey in 2017, the boys will be returning to the Auld Motorhoose stage for the umpteenth time, as part of their annual appearance at this year's Orkney Rock Festival, on 1 September; not long before the release of their 2023 EP "Dr. Metal" later this year… 

One of Orkney Rock Festival's most annually anticipated bands, Razormouth are thrilled to announce they will be returning to the stage once again this year, this time on 3 September at the Auld Motorhoose. The band, founded in early 2018, consists of Ryan Silver on vocals and bass, Jarvis Walls on lead guitar, Nicky Booth on rhythm guitar, and Ryan Taylor on drums. Razormouth are excited for the release of their newest single "Sex Drive", set to be released on 1 September; a preview into their upcoming album "Into The Inferno". 

The Dirty Røtters enthusiastically play the music of their youth, which to their enduring surprise wasn't yesterday! In the band you have Walter Gorman on vocals, Steven Heddle on lead guitar, Ray O'Neill on rhythm guitar, Tom O'Brien on bass, and Dave Stevenson on drums. The Røtters always promise a good show, performing popular and lively classics largely from the UK's punk rock breakthrough. This year, the Dirty Røtters will be performing in the Torvhaug on Friday 1 September, and the Auld Motorhoose on Sunday 3 September, so don't miss out if you love some punk rock! 

With the debut of the mighty Dogspawn in 2022, the popularity received at the time demanded a sequel, and so Dogspawn 2 was born. Appearing on Friday 1 September at the Auld Motorhoose, the lineup this year comprises Lee Taylor on vocals, bass and guitar, Keaghan Barnett on vocals bass and guitar, Ewan Howe on drums and vocals, and Julian Beale possibly doing something? Dancing maybe..? The gimmick that comes with the 'Spawn is you just never know what wacky shenanigans they're gonna get up to next!

The Burray Blues Club have been jamming since 2015. Burray is a well known hotbed of Blues players; Marcus Cordock, Fraser Retson, Dylan Pepper, the Montgomery family and Andy Taylor to name a few. Add John Dearness( Deep Roots Last), Colin Drever (Bad Apple), Brian Cromarty (Saltfishforty), David Flanagan, Poplar Jake and you have a mouth watering jam session. Who knows what will happen or who might turn up but it’s guaranteed to be lots of fun.

Formed in 2019 with many decades of experience collectively under their belts, Pleepsin' Joe are a 4 piece cover band with a mission to provide an eclectic setlist that isn't bound by genres or eras. With Sarah Hague on vocals, Kieren Whitten on guitar, Pete Thomas on bass and Martin South on drums, expect anything from upbeat rock anthems to soulful blues classics and everything in between- their diverse repertoire guarantees something for everyone to enjoy.

Black Spoot are a six piece group formed of Ross Stevenson, Kyle Harcus, Andrew Park, Barry Leslie, Kevin Gray and Kevin Kerr. Influenced by Rock and Southern Rock through to Country and Blues, expect a varied mix of classics to get you on your feet and dancing.

Visiting pub acts 

When 'The 4 P's' applied for the Rock Festival, they were 'The 3 Ps', but then somehow managed to find another P. Anthony Peart, Taylor Pirie, Aaron Peart and Scott Priest (do you get it now?) this Shetland based supergroup consisting of members of the Dirty Lemons, Sheer, Counterfall, Nameless Ones and of course Shipyard Riot are set to bring a rocking set of covers to the Ola on Sunday 3rd!

Sue Adamson & The Brothel Creepers: prepare to be swept away by the sonic storm that is Sue Adamson, Danger Davis, Dart Stunton, Jonah J Jameson, Kneelin' Priston, and Harley Davis – an unrelenting force that has redefined the very concept of a covers band since their meteoric rise in 2013.

Hailing from the heart of musical innovation, Bruce Ringsting & The Cross Street Band have been igniting stages and captivating audiences with their electrifying sound. Featuring Bruce Ringsting, Lola "Funkfire" Santiago, Max "Sticks" Thompson, Elena Martinez and Jax "Strings" Harrison. With a passion for pushing artistic boundaries and a commitment to delivering electrifying performances, this band is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music scene for years to come.


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