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Orkney Classic Motor Show Cancelled for 2021
Due to the continuing Covid-19 epidemic Orkney Vintage Club have decided to cancel the Orkney C...
Orkney Vintage Club
Just a thought
Forgiveness:  Forgiveness is the peace you learn to feel when you allow these circling ...
Orphir and Stenness Church
Consultation - GO-HI Rural MaaS Project - Background Survey
Please complete the online consultation and survey to learn more about the transport and techno...
St Andrews & Deerness Community Council
Just a thought
Lord,  Be Thou within me, to strengthen me;  Without me, to keep me;  A...
Orphir and Stenness Church
Just a thought
O sing to the Lord a new song,      for he has done marvellous thin...
Orphir and Stenness Church
Just a thought
Love:  The roots of love sink down and deep and strike out far, and they are arteries t...
Orphir and Stenness Church
Just a thought
Trust:  I can only fly freely when I know there is a catcher to catch me.  If w...
Orphir and Stenness Church
Orkneycommunities 2020 AGM Report
The report of the 2020 AGM has been uploaded to the AGM website at the address below.  ...
AGM 2020
Just a thought
Life need not be easy to be joyful. Joy is not the absence of trouble, but the presence of Chri...
Orphir and Stenness Church

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Events in Orkney

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13 May 2021
ORKNEY CREATIVE HUB - Drawing & Jorunalling with Kailey at No 25
15 May 2021
ORKNEY CREATIVE HUB - Postcard Weaving Workshop at No 25
18 May 2021
ORKNEY CREATIVE HUB - Painting with Cassie at No 25
20 May 2021
ORKNEY CREATIVE HUB - Drawing & Jorunalling with Kailey at No 25 full events listing >>

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2. Report of last AGM
The report can be read here   The committee recommends that this report is&nb...
AGM 2020
3. Chairpersons Report
The Chairperson's Report can be read here. Please note the Committee's recommendat...
AGM 2020
6. Appointment of Examiner of Accounts
The Examiner of Accounts was Voluntary Action Orkney, who provided the service w...
AGM 2020
AGM 2020
5. Election of Committee
A list of the existing committee who wish to continue follows.  The existing committee ...
AGM 2020
4. Financial Report
The Treasurer's Report can be read here. Supporting documentation follows: Examined r...
AGM 2020

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Scotland confirms next steps out of lockdown Tomb of the Eagles: Future of celebrate ancient burial site on Orkney in doubt after closure Inside islands BBC Home of the Year contenders Covid in Scotland: What level will your area be in from 17 May? Council / Council on the campaign trail to secure the 'Shetland tariff'

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OIC Leader welcomes move to level one from 17 May Consultation on revised scheme for community councils Regional votes announced Liam elected as MSP for Orkney Scottish Parliament Election count underway