Youth Counselling

Who is youth counselling for?
One to one Youth Counselling is for anyone over the age of 12. Our qualified specialist Youth Counsellors are able to offer a safe and confidential space where you can explore the kind of things that are worrying you.  Speaking with someone who is not emotionally involved in your life and is trained to listen can offer you an opportunity to see things differently and work through difficult feelings.  We can all experience difficult times in our lives and growing up can be very challenging. Life events such as moving house, leaving school, death of someone close can generate difficult feelings that can get in the way of fulfilling future plans and ambitions.

What happens at the initial appointment?
After you have asked to meet with a Counsellor you will be asked to come to a confidential intake meeting. At this meeting the Counsellor will explain how they work, the professional standards that are in place and explore what you would like to address through counselling. They will also make an assessment as to whether counselling is appropriate for you and what safety risks need to be considered with regard to child protection, vulnerability, mental health, substance misuse and/or domestic abuse.

You do not have to come to this first appointment on your own. You can bring a parent, relative or friend as this might help you feel more relaxed. At the end of the session, usually 50 minutes, you can arrange the next session and a time to review your work with the counsellor.

This first meeting can have a therapeutic effect, helping to contain the anxiety and crisis while you might have to wait to see a counsellor if they are full. Currently we can allocate counsellors quite quickly.

What can we offer?
We can offer one to one talking therapy and/or creative therapy. You and the counsellor will make an agreement to meet weekly; for about 6 sessions to begin, with regular reviews.

What we offer is an understanding of how difficult life can be; space and time to talk to someone trained and skilled in working with children and young people, and the opportunity to look at a situation in a different way. We are also able to offer telephone and skype counselling for individuals provided by counsellors who have attended specialised training.

How do I arrange an appointment?
You can arrange an appointment by email or telephoning and someone will get back to you in a day or two.

Is it confidential?
No one else will be told of you attending Counselling unless you ask for information to be shared or you are at significant risk.

Is there a waiting list?
Waiting times vary. Please contact us for information on current waiting times.

How much will it cost?
The service is free, although individual donations are welcomed.

Further information
Please contact us

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