Getting Started - the editing basics

You edit your Orkmeycommunities 3.0 website by using its password-protected on-line editing system.  You can edit the text, change the images, add new pages, edit the order of pages on the menu, edit the title of each page, set up a guestbook, etc.

Start by ‘pointing’ your web browser at your web site which will have a web address like . .


(You will have received an email with the correct address of your site when you signed up)

Logging In

You 'log in' to your site editing system by going to your site's Home page and clicking on the 'Login' tab at the top left of the page, or by adding 'login.asp' at the end of your site's address and clicking the 'enter' key on your keyboard.


Now a 'Site Admin Login' field will appear where you can enter your password. Select your user name from the drop down (there may be more than one if you share admin responsibility with someone else), enter your password, and click on the 'Log In' button.

Once logged in, the site reloads, revealing a tabbed control panel across the top of your site window . . .

This Control Panel features tabs for various editing options, including . . .

  • Edit Pages - Lets you edit your actual site pages, so that you can add text and images to each of them.
  • Site Settings - Lets you edit and manage site-wide settings for things like personal information, switching pages on/off, over-all site colouring, map location, site alignment, administrators, etc.
  • Manage Images - Lets you view and manage the images in your site's Image Bank. 
  • Manage Documents - Lets you view and manage the documents in your site’s Document Library. 
  • Site Statistics - Lets you use the basic built-in statistics system to monitor visitor traffic, or embed your Google Analytics account code into your site pages if you use that system. 
  • Manual - this tab links to this manual and related support information. 
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