Moving Pages on the Navigation Menu and Creating Sub-pages

Orkneycommunities makes it very easy for you to move pages on the menu and change the order till it's the way you want. 

Here's how to move a page on your menu . .

1) Click on the 'Site Settings' tab on the control strip across the top of your site. This will then show a full list of the Site Setting options available to you.

2) Click on the 'Manage Pages' section to expand it, and click on the 'Move pages on menu' link to get started.

moving pages on the menu

3) A list of your site pages will be shown in the order in which they appear on your site menu. Each is shown as a coloured band, main top-level pages in grey, and 'nested' pages (that is, sub-pages on your menu) within them shown in blue.

moving pages - page order

4) In the example shown, I want to move the 'Butter Icing' page, upwards so it appears on the menu higher up than the 'Lemon Icing' page. To do this, I click+hold my cursor on the 'Butter Icing' page band, and drag it upwards. As I do so a grey band shows where the page is being dragged from.

(Note that if I wished to move the Butter Icing page so it becomes a 'top-level' page instead of keeping it as a nested page within the 'Victoria Sponges' section,  I would drag it in between two of the dark grey 'top-level' page bands - beween Teacakes and Chocolate Cake for instance.)

moving pages - move highlight

5) Having dragged the 'Butter Icing' page band above the 'Lemon Icing' one, you'll see that the Lemon Icing page band has moved down, and that a grey band shows where the Butter Icing page is being moved to. I release my mouse button to 'drop' the page there.

move pages - highlight showing drop location

6) As a final step I scroll down to the bottom of the pages list and click on the 'Save Page Order' button to confirm and record my changes. The page menu changes are recorded and visible on the site.

move pages - confirm the new page order

NOTE: this facility lets you move pages around and re-order them as much as you want without breaking anything. No permanent changes are made or recorded until you click on the 'Save Page Order' button. If you make a mistake, simply don't click on the button and your changes won't be recorded.


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